Second European 2v2 Tournament

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                                            RGC EU DotA 2v2 Tour


Tournament Information

Room: Eu.Tours


Map: DotA Allstars 6.88v3.w3x

Format: 2 v 2 Only Mid | Single Elimination | Final Match will be Best Of 3

Deemed Victory: Team 6 kills OR 3 towers

Time: 15:00RMT

DQ Time: [Round 1] 20 Min , [Thereafter] 15 Min

Registration Closed: 17thMarch, 2018 (Saturday)

Bot: .fr



1st 400 RGD’s + RC at (EU) Public for two weeks

2nd100 RGD’s + RC at (EU) Public for one week


Regulations And Rules

Requires minimum 75+game to participate. No dummy accounts.

One entry allowed for each player.Multi account and multi entries are prohibited.

Maintain good manners.Flaming/trashtalking/taunts will lead to DQ.

Farming/using neutral creeps are prohibited (blue player type -noneutrals after start)

Killing Roshan is prohibited.

Latency must be left on default 80ms UNLESS both teams agree to change it.

Pausing is allowed for 2min. Max. with countdown 3..2..1..and resume after 2 min.

Pause abuse during clash will lead to DQ

Swapping teammates are allowed before Round 1. No swapping after Round 1.

If a team member disconnects involuntarily from the winning team (of kills/tower kills),

!rmk is allowed ONLY ONCE for disconnect only

!rmk is NOT ALLOWED for any other reasons. Excuses such as pc problem / desync / medical issues will not be entertained

Exploit / abusing map bugs will be DQ


Item Restrictions

No Tranquil Boots

No Bottle

No Infused Raindrop

No Aether Lens

No Dragon Lance/Hurricane Pike

No Cloak/Hood Of Defiace/Pipe

No Vanguard

No Blademail


準優勝: ZSMJ


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